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Bathroom Renovation Mistakes You Can Avoid

Bathroom Renovation Mistakes You Can Avoid

Bathrooms and kitchens are the two most commonly used rooms in the home, they are also the rooms that get renovated the most often.  When you renovate your bathroom you need to keep function in mind first and then worry about the style.  People often look for what looks good rather than what works, here are some bathroom renovation mistakes that you can avoid.

Spend Money Wisely

Bathroom renovation costs can run the gamut from a couple of hundred dollars to several thousand depending on what you want your bathroom to look like in the end and the space you have to work with.  There are some things that you want to spend money on and other things where you can cut back.  Don’t buy cheap fittings, get better taps and worry less about accessories.  The bathroom gets a lot of traffic and good taps along with functional sinks and toilets will pay off in the long run.

Pay Attention to the Layout

If you are taking your bathroom right down to the studs and completely redoing it, then be careful where you put things.  You want ease of use and where the toilet and bathtub go is important especially if you have a small bathroom.  Trying to cram yourself into a tiny space is a disaster you will regret later.  Don’t trade off style for function.

Ventilation is a Must

Bathrooms have a lot of moisture and good ventilation is a must if you don’t want to end up with mold.  You are going to need a ventilation fan, even if you have a window.  Windows are great but if you live in the northern part of the country they will be closed more than half the year.  A ventilation fan will take out the moisture even in the cold winter months and make sure you don’t end up with black mold.

Classic Design

Using classic design may seem boring and you want something more exciting and modern.  Remember so did everyone who ever put an avocado green toilet in their bathroom.  They all regret it now.  Rather play around with color on the walls or with accessories.  Keep things like the toilet, sink and bathtub neutral colors.  You won’t want to rip your bathroom out 5 years from now, nor will it hurt you when you try and sell your home.  I promise there will come a time when you regret that fire engine red toilet.

5 Home Improvements that Give You the Best ROI

5 Home Improvements that Give You the Best ROI

Homeowners love their new remodel or home upgrade, however; they should also remember that in the end, it is also important to think about the long term. This includes the quality of the improvement, the value it gives to the equity in the home’s value and if the upgrade is universal and will pleasing to many different buyers in the future.

Below are some home improvements which can give you the best ROI:

1. Kitchen renovations

Kitchen renovations give the best return on investment when you do decide to sell your home. Simple kitchen upgrades are easy enough for homeowners to do on their own while others should be left to a professional contractor. Simply refinishing cabinets, replacing laminate countertops, steel sinks, faucets and hardware can do a lot to update a kitchen with little investment to a homeowner.

If looking for something more than this such as moving appliances and restructuring cabinets call in a professional kitchen remodeler. It will save you money, time and sanity and frankly the money will be recouped in the end but the time and sanity those are things you can’t get back.

2. Curb Appeal

The exterior of your home is also an area that can bring a large return on your investment. Not only will you improve the curb appeal of your home but also the homes’ equity.  Simply replacing your door can do wonders.

3. Bathroom renovation

The bathroom is another area that can also increase the value of your home. Some major renovations in a bathroom are flooring, ceramic tiling, new fixtures and faucets and an upgrade in cabinets and vanities. Major bathroom renovations that include the layout of the space should be considered as that often adds expense that is not recouped in the end.

4. A deck or patio area installation

Another major exterior investment that helps increase the home’s value is a deck or patio area installation. A deck addition adds an extra functional space for entertaining and play. A deck can be made as cozy as the interior of your home with the latest inventions for outdoor entertaining such as screens to alleviate the presence of bugs or outdoor heaters that keep the chill at bay.

5. New Siding

New siding and trim are one of the only renovations that will not cause much turmoil to your families routine as well which is rare when thinking about home is also a home improvement that can give you the best ROI.

All home additions are worth the expense, stress and time spent if it is something that will help increase the value of your home.

Should You Have Your Windows Replaced?

Should You Have Your Windows Replaced?

Windows serve two purposes, to allow in natural light and to keep the elements out of your home.  Doesn’t sound that complicated, right?  Unfortunately it isn’t as simple as that.  Windows have changed a lot over the years and now they are more energy efficient.  People now understand how much difference a pane of glass can make when it comes to heating your house.  So should you have your windows replaced?  Let’s look at all the reasons why it might be time to change those old windows.

Advantages to Window Replacement

  • Lowering your energy costs. Most of our heat and air conditioning can be lost through poorly sealed windows.  If you upgrade to energy efficient windows you can get by with a smaller HVAC system and save as much as 25% on your total energy costs.
  • Newer windows come with a special coating on them that will reflect some of the waves from the sun. If you have a bunch of south facing windows this will be a godsend in the summer time.  Your rooms will be more comfortable and you won’t have to crank up the air conditioning.  If you get the latest windows that are triple paned with argon gas, your home will be so much cooler.
  • New windows give you a great ROI. If you replace your windows on a Monday and then decide to sell your house on a Tuesday you will make almost all of your investment back.
  • You can lower your insurance rates, newer windows are more secure and it is more difficult for thieves to break into your home.
  • You can extend the life of your furniture. Blocking out the UV rays that come into your home will keep the fabric on your furniture from fading as well as protecting your art work.
  • Block out ambient noise. If you live in the center of town or near a highway and the noise of traffic bothers you then new windows can cut down on the noise.
  • New windows need less maintenance that the older ones do. The windows have all kinds of features that make them easier to clean, they are easy to take out.  Some of them even come with blinds in between the panes, so you don’t have to clean blinds either.

By now you should be convinced that new windows are a great idea.  They are energy efficient and they will look fabulous and they are not as expensive to replace as you might think.