Month: February 2019

DIY Roof Maintenance Advice For Handy Homeowners

Roof Maintenance Advice

If your roofing needs some repairs and you’re wanting to conserve a little cash, you might wish to look into doing a few of the work yourself. While not a replacement for a professional reroofing task, some little tasks can be undertaken by DIY homeowners who do not mind heights.

Kinds Of Roofing Repair Work

There are numerous aspects that go into roof repair work. Before you take on a DIY roofing system repair task, remember that not every issue is as simple as it appears. What may seem like an easy task of changing a few shingles could be just patching and camouflaging a more invasive issue that requires expert assistance. If you aren’t sure that what you are tackling is the full degree of the problem, make sure you call for a totally free expert inspection and quote before you begin the Do It Yourself roofing repair work job.

Shingle Replacement

If you simply have a couple of missing out on or damaged shingles, and the issue is localized to one area of the roof, it may be possible to simply change those few shingles. The key is to find new shingles that match the ones on your roofing system both in style and in color. Patches can be really obvious if they aren’t matched correctly, and this can diminish curb appeal, potentially losing the confidence of brand-new purchasers.

You’ll wish to get rid of the old shingles entirely and potentially the ones surrounding them if they’re likewise loose. Use a mix of adhesives made for those shingles and nails to secure them in place.

Partial Re-roofing

A partial re-roofing includes the elimination of all the shingles on a location of the roofing system, and the replacement of brand-new ones. Occasionally, it can also mean just layering on new shingles over the entire location. This makes spots less apparent if you were unable to get a specific match to what’s already on the roofing.

Keep a couple of things in mind though:

  • You can just layer shingles when; if you already have 2 layers on there, you need to remove them both.
  • If you do remove two layers of shingles, or layer on top of a single layer, your new area might not associate the other areas of the roofing. This could trigger a hump at the ridge cap, or some odd looking lines that can diminish the curb appeal. You might also find yourself attempting to match things up with additional layers at the top, and trying to even things out after the fact.
  • A partial re-roofing is an excellent way to go, however, if you have a large area of shingles that are missing or damaged, however the rest of the roofing remains in good shape.

Cleaning Your Roof: How To Keep Your Roof In Great Shape

While a roof typically looks great when it is first installed, it doesn’t always maintain its appearance overtime. It’s very common to see unattractive black streaks on shingled roofs. Having debris on your roof is also common, especially after a storm.

If you want to keep your roof looking new, you’re going to have to clean it. Here are a few tips that will help you keep your roof in like-new condition:

Have The Right Tools

You’ll need a lot of equipment if you want to get your roof clean. You’ll want to make sure you have access to a garden hose, as well as a sprayer. You may want to invest in a rinsing tool; this can help you to get rid of stains on your roof.

You’ll also need a cleaning solution that is designed to be used on a roof. Make sure that the solution you use is both non-toxic and non-corrosive.

Stay Safe

When you’re working up on a roof, there is always going to be a risk of injury. If you slip and fall to the ground, you could seriously hurt yourself.

Because of this, you should take every precaution to keep yourself safe. You may want to use some kind of harness. That way, you’ll be protected even if you do wind up falling.

You should also make sure that you have someone there to assist you as you clean your roof. If something does happen, they’ll be able to get you help right away.

Consider Hiring Professionals

Cleaning a roof is a lot of work, and it’s okay if you’re not up to the task. There are professionals like WDR Roofing one of the best Austin Roofing Companies, that will clean your roof for you.

Professionals have access to professional-grade tools, which means that they can make even the dirtiest of roofs look great. In addition, professionals have the skills needed to get the job done properly.

If you aren’t interested in investing in cleaning tools — or if you are simply afraid of heights — you should call professional roof cleaners and see if they can help you.

Cleaning your roof is an important task. Every roof will eventually look dirty if it isn’t cleaned. You need to care for your roof in the same way that you care for the rest of your home. Do what it takes to keep your property looking like its best.